LeeLee's Blooms


LeeLee's Blooms is a floral and event studio that loves to help with all your Wedding & Event needs! We can make your Special Day sparkle with gorgeous blooms & event design in any style you can dream of. From your Personal blooms, centerpieces, arbor, chairs, linens, props and more, our team is here for you along every step of the way! 


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Meet Elisha


Hi, I am Elisha, the owner/designer for LeeLee's Blooms, floral & Event Studio!

I was born and raised in Pensacola, Fl. with good ole' Southern Living, family, and a mix of the beach life! I was very blessed and lucky to have such great parents who supported all my different life adventures and journeys. I now have a son of my own who owns my heart and an amazing  husband and best friend who supports my long hours and never ending wedding shows and talks to make sure I am up to date on all the latest trends for my clients! OH, I can't forget my Grandma and all the rest of my family and friends who have supported me along the way!


Since I was little I always had a love for art and being creative!  I guess you could say I was kind of  a "free spirit" as I always wanted to help others, animals and our environment. It didn't take long before I discovered a love for flowers and then floral design! I did most of it on my own, just playing with flowers from my grandma's garden or going to flower shops and buying flowers to take home and put together for dinners and such. This then grew!! From helping a couple friends with their weddings to, then doing their friends and so forth! I ended up looking into the floral industry and with some classes, and alot of patience I ended up where I am now!!  A floral and event designer!!!  I am so blessed and LOVE being able to do something I love so much!! 



Our Vision

​TO make every bride SMILE on her wedding day!

To one day expand and help the local economy and be able to give back by brightening someone's day with our beautiful flowers. 

And of course to always do what we love and enjoy....Make Beautiful Flowers even more beautiful by design!